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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Besides being the biggest financial commitment you’re ever likely to make, your home is probably the place where you feel most comfortable, spend most of your time and store your most treasured possessions. So regardless of whether you rent, own or share your property, it needs to be well-protected.

Taking out appropriate insurance is a way of safeguarding your home and your belongings against whatever life might throw at you. From minor mishaps like a burst pipe or broken window, to major upheavals like a house fire or burglary, the right cover makes sure you don’t end up in debt or severely out of pocket.

Before you get bogged down in the details of different benefits, you need to be clear on what type of home insurance is right for you. And as a general rule, there are two types of cover:

  1. BUILDINGS INSURANCE Buildings insurance usually pays for any structural damage to a property caused by flood, fire and subsidence. It’s an essential purchase for anyone who owns their own home or has a mortgage. But it’s not something you normally need as a tenant, because it’s considered the responsibility of your landlord.

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  1. CONTENTS INSURANCE Contents insurance pays for any personal possessions that are lost, damaged or stolen from your home. Along with buildings cover, it’s an essential purchase for anyone who owns their own home or has a mortgage. It’s also the one insurance you do need as a tenant, in order to safeguard your belongings.

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At SM Mortgage Services we can provide you with the correct cover to meet your needs. For more details contact us today.